Polaroid (image transfer)

The image transfer is a creative process that allows me to take my photos to a unique pictorial dimension. The raw materials generated by this process bring a soul of its own in this series. As the negative can only be used once, each of these images is unique.

Image transfer or the difficulty of immediacy:

For Image transfer I work with Polaroids. A Polaroid is made of two parts:
- The emulsion : the negative, where the picture comes.
- The receptive : the positive, where the picture is revealed while developing.

An image transfer is the substitution, before the apparition of the picture, of the positive part of the Polaroid by an other support, such as watercolour paper for instance. (the new Paper must be chosen carefully because all are not suitable). The substitution must be made really quickly before the apparition of the image on the other media.

In practice, I usually use an enlarger with a pre-existing view, an original ekta, projected on the Polaroid. I separate the negative from the positive and apply it on watercolour paper. From there, I delicately separate the negative from its new support. The paper has to be dried before to be able to be manipulated.

Image transfer

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