Ignacio Haaser

"Being a photographer is to transmit the look that we have on the world around us, to capture and restore the emotion born of the beauty and truth that are his.

Born in Alsace and of dual Hispano-Alsatian culture, his career path is atypical. He grew up in an environment where art and photography are at the heart of education.

He is introduced to it by nourishing his gaze over the course of his encounters and travels.

For more than twenty-five years, his passion and his activities have been shared between commissioned projects and his artistic research.

Its clients include both multinationals and regional companies, artisans, administrations and local authorities (Socomec, Huron, Les Vignerons Indépendants d'Alsace, John Cockerill, Heineken, Feyel-Artzner, Baobab Conseil, Les Constructeurs Réunis, Soprema, Royal Palace, The Creators of Opta, The Golf de la Wantzenau, Anima, European Community of Alsace...)

Guided by his sensitivity and his experiences, his work results in creating a perfect balance between the subject, the light and its sensations. His desire to be authentic and to communicate the most accurate message thus inspires his images imprinted with truth and enriching his life."

Luc Knittel, creative director


100% — Baobab Conseil — Grafiti — 1001 Agency — Les Créatonautes — Aurel in the City — Dagré — Novembre — Scarlett — Trois et Plus — Vo — Les Vignerons Indépendants d'Alsace — Feyel Artzner— La Garenne — Moé Poké — Francesca Restaurant — L’Atelier du Peintre — Nooi — La Pizza Nico — Escal — Baer/Meyer — Baltic Schneinder Dr Hammer — Les Cuisinés Gourmands — Transgourmets — Mireille Oster Pain d'Epices — Flam’s — Domaine Léon Bleesz — Cave du Roi Dagobert — SuperU — Lidl — Cora — Biogénère — Anima — Racing Club Strasbourg Alsace — Raid Courrier Sud — Smarty le Rat — Royal Palace — Zukzak — Moulins des Moines — Huron — Dietrich Véhicules — Soprema — Ena — Smictom — Golf de la Wantzenau — Itl Padam Group — Lcr Les Constructeurs Réunis — Au Millésime — Batigère — Orpi CC — Ventim — Socomec — Heineken — Stabilo — Opta — Luz Optique — Edgard Opticiens — Magazine Good Alsace— Fondation Aquatique Show International — Les Edition du Signe — La Cuisine Emotionnelle

Friends and  Talents:

Sylvie Corbetta, Photo stylist and culinary
Vincent Muller, Photographer
Philippe Bruneteau, Volumiste / Sculptor / Designer
Stéphane Ostertag, Web developer
Inspiration Culinaire